Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s okay to shine?

It’s day 26 in Japan. Almost a month. That’s crazy.

I had a really nice 3 day weekend.

My culture class on Friday afternoons is going to be a really fun time. There are great people in it, though it’s big. I can’t wait to do more with it.

I went to Tatula on Friday night, a bar with some friends. We played some fun drinking games and like… drank. I had so much fun. It’s going to be a really good semester with these guys.

Saturday was pretty laid back. I didn’t see anyone until the evening. We watched Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Sunday, I went to the aquarium and saw some dolphins, orcas, fish, crabs, turtles, penguins. I’d never been to an aquarium (aside from zoo exhibits) before, so it was fun. Later I went shopping myself and got some new kicks.

Today, classes were canceled because of typhoon weather. It was just in the morning, and the rest of the day was actually quite cool, windy and sunny. I went to karaoke with a group and ate udon afterward. Much fun.


There are nights that feel so perfect that everything that exists out of the moment pales in comparison.

Nothing even has to happen. There’s no trigger. It’s just a feeling. It makes you believe that there’s more to life than completing objectives and tasks in some attempt to obtain a payoff or reward. That there’s only you and the sky and the wind and you’ve all met in this one place and time to celebrate existence instead of constantly wearing it out.

That’s how I felt for a minute tonight by myself.

I might just be a hopeless dreamer, because this isn’t a phenomenon that seems to crop up very often outside of fantasy. I don’t know if there’s a word for it. Nothing I can think of seems to fit into 4-12 letters. But I decided here and now that I’m going to become familiar with this feeling. I want to get to know it. It’s too good to be so fleeting and elusive. I’ve felt it before, and I’ve felt it more powerfully before, but I wasn’t nearly as cognizant of it as I am right now.

I want to harness it. I want it to become a state of mind.



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One Response to Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s okay to shine?

  1. Penney Barrett says:

    I don’t know where life will take you, but Bradly you are such a great writer. I’m so happy reading this. This is such a wonderful time in your life. It’s going to give you lots of experiences to write about, who knows, a book may be in the near future! We all love you back home!
    I love the title!

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