Current goings on and oh god this is going to be terrible

I’ve been so out of it this week. So I haven’t really felt like blogging. My mind seems to just be exceptionally unresponsive to my environment lately. It’s been really busy with school this week. Three quizzes and a writing assignment are behind me and a 2 chapter test is tomorrow. Therefore, I’ve neither done much adventuring nor invested in any time finding interesting blog material to write about.

It’s day 43. It’s so surreal that the number is climbing so quickly.

Last week, apparently “fuck your study” Wednesday has become a thing in NKK so we did some drinking games last Wednesday and yesterday. It’s pretty fun if you take it easy, which, as for some people, was of course not the case. Last Wednesday we went to a nice Chinese restaurant in the mall and I studied for a kanji quiz. Friday rolled around and we went with a group to Shooters to eat some quality American dining and play pool. Afterward, we did nomihoudai. Overall a good night. Saturday, I went to the mall in the early afternoon to get some supplies with friends. I showed Martyrs to a handful of dormmates to severely mixed to negative reception. That’s okay, you’ll always be a favorite to me. Fun. On Sunday, I went to the beach and saw the ocean for the first time really since I went to Europe in 2009. We spent the first half of the day grubbing around on the sand, and ate at a really cute nearby diner. The weather was absolutely perfect. The second half of the day I spent studying as the week drew in ever nearer.

I don’t think there’s much to comment on with regards to Monday and Tuesday. Just another day on campus. In the Sadou (Tea Ceremony) class, we did a mock ceremony in a real traditional tatami room. So that was fun. Yesterday, as I mentioned, we did some drinking games in a friend’s apartment and I studied later on after I managed to sober up. I did well on today’s quiz so I’m not too concerned with the situation.

I guess that’s the super abridged version of the past week or so. The routine is setting in. I’m still having lots of fun and I know that I have to make the most out of every moment especially as the halfway mark draws ever near, but I’d really like to take a weekend trip to Tokyo or some other town for a change of pace soon. We’ll see what happens.

So yeah. Sorry for the lackluster update. I’m going to spend the rest of the evening getting my study on for the test tomorrow. Hopefully I won’t fail it like the last one.


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One Response to Current goings on and oh god this is going to be terrible

  1. Penney Barrett says:

    I love reading your blogs no matter the content! Sounds like you had a great time at the beach! You are doing a great job at balancing fun with studies, keep up the good work! I’m behind you 100% We all are back home! We send you love and support! Congratulations on your quiz, hang in there!

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